Psychotherapy 101: Therapy for Your Kid

There may come a point and time when you feel the need to take your child to a psychotherapist.  If you're in this situation and you're considering making this move, you, as a parent, need to consider some important things before you start this process.  The first part of what every parent needs to understand is that their limited in their … Continue reading Psychotherapy 101: Therapy for Your Kid

Psychotherapy 101: Does Therapy Work?

People often make a lot of assumptions about therapy and whether it works or not. In this blog post and podcast, I address this issue and help explain how therapy can be a successful experience, or do nothing for you at all.

Being Yourself When Others Don’t Want You To Be

We all hide who we really are, even from ourselves. But why? And how do we start to live in a more genuine way when others may not want us to change?

When Hope Feels Like Bullshit

When we're down, especially when we're really down, we have a hard time feeling hopeful, being optimistic, or seeing that things will get better.  It can be particularly frustrating, even infuriating, for someone who is very depressed to hear, "oh, it'll get better," "it'll be okay," or, "it's not that bad."  The person saying this … Continue reading When Hope Feels Like Bullshit

What Does It Mean To Get To Know Yourself?

As someone who was in therapy for 10 years during my youth and is now a psychotherapist, the notion of "getting to know ourselves" has always been vital.  But recently, as I've been speaking with some of my clients, it's occurred to me that many of us don't know what this statement means, exactly.  Some … Continue reading What Does It Mean To Get To Know Yourself?