“We start life unaware of our nature, our potential, how our mind works, and how we can create a meaningful life.  Some of us have had people in our lives who have helped us realize these things, but most of us haven’t.  And when we mix this lack of awareness and skill with the difficulties of life,   My purpose in life is to help others learn how they can  contentment, reduce their fear and increase their life’s purpose and meaning.”    – DR. TAK-SENG LODRÖ

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Figure Out What You’re Missing.

We aren’t given manuals that explain how we work psychologically, what real happiness is, or even how to parent our kids. This is why the principles and practices of therapy and mental training (e.g., meditation) need to become a part of our daily exercise routine. It’s all non-religious, but it’s powerful and it has a ton of soul in it.

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