Questions about Anxiety from a Client Off at College

In my work with students and clients in my private practice, I’ve found that some take to emailing while away on business or at college. Yesterday I received an email from a college student and they asked some great questions. They have always had a desire to sincerely learn about what is going on for … Continue reading Questions about Anxiety from a Client Off at College

Revealing Weaknesses of Mental Health Professionals & Diagnoses

The other morning I was enjoying my morning routine of coffee and news when I came upon Dr. Frances' (psychiatrist and former chair of the DSM-IV Task Force) comments on Trump.  If you don't know, there's been a ton of debate among psychiatrists, psychologists and other therapists on whether or not we have a duty to … Continue reading Revealing Weaknesses of Mental Health Professionals & Diagnoses

Apple and the 2016 MacBook Pro are Working to Change Your Brain, and it’s Uncomfortable

What's Up As an Apple fan, I appreciate the thoughtfulness that Apple puts into integrating their hardware and software so that it gradually moves users in new directions (whether they like it or not).  Psychologically, this is a good move because there's only so much change that people are willing to tolerate before they avoid the situation.  Well this year, Apple has pushed the … Continue reading Apple and the 2016 MacBook Pro are Working to Change Your Brain, and it’s Uncomfortable

What Meditation & Mindfulness are Really About

  As a long-time meditator and Buddhist, I am increasingly concerned about the level of appropriation of meditation practices.  I am especially frightened by people and professionals who claim to others that they are knowledgeable on the subject, to the point of calling themselves teachers, but who clearly promote a harmful and grossly misguided version of meditation. … Continue reading What Meditation & Mindfulness are Really About

Spaciousness Within the Mundane

I hate doing laundry.  I realize this is somewhat ridiculous. It would be one thing if this chore was an all day affair that involved boiling a huge vat of water over a fire, scrubbing clothes on a metal washboard with hard soap, and hanging the clothes on a line to dry. But in our … Continue reading Spaciousness Within the Mundane

Training the Mind for Realization

When I was first establishing my meditation practice and studying Buddhism at the Shambhala Center of New York, I remember telling a teacher that it was hard for me not to berate myself for realizing that my attention had wandered, that it was actually getting in the way of returning my attention to the breath. … Continue reading Training the Mind for Realization

“What’s Next?”

As a one friend celebrates his birthday today, and two other friends are getting married tomorrow, I've been thinking a lot about how we mark the different chapters of life. It seems as though childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood are full of clear transitions--school is littered with fresh starts as we make our way from … Continue reading “What’s Next?”

Optional Suffering

The Buddha did not present suffering as the first noble truth just because he had figured out that everybody has a hard time in life. He said that there is something much deeper going on. We suffer because we are projecting the myth of permanence upon a situation that is actually conditioned, selfless, and constantly … Continue reading Optional Suffering

Going to the “Compassion Gym”

After taking a break from running for several weeks, I've started ramping up so that I can participate in the Chase Corporate Challenge this next Thursday, along with an expected 25,000 runners in downtown Chicago. Whenever I return to regular exercise after a hiatus, I'm always struck by how hard the first couple of runs … Continue reading Going to the “Compassion Gym”