Spaciousness Within the Mundane

I hate doing laundry.  I realize this is somewhat ridiculous. It would be one thing if this chore was an all day affair that involved boiling a huge vat of water over a fire, scrubbing clothes on a metal washboard with hard soap, and hanging the clothes on a line to dry. But in our … Continue reading Spaciousness Within the Mundane

Socializing With the Past

Yesterday a dear friend whom I know from graduate school visited from London. Even though I adore her and have been excited about this visit for months, there was part of me that was undeniably anxious as the time to meet up with her drew near. Some of the anxiety was purely logistics--finding her when … Continue reading Socializing With the Past

The Trance of “Real But Not True”

Last night I accidentally erased six months worth of texts sent between my partner and me. In the grand scheme of things, it's not *that* big of a deal. Sure, I sometimes indulge in looking back at a sweet message from a day or two ago, but I rarely scroll back through several weeks or … Continue reading The Trance of “Real But Not True”

Inviting in a Crowd of Sorrows

Sometimes I feel as though I spend my life slipping into ruts and then struggling to climb out of them. Each time I snap out of the trance of anxiety or fear or sadness, I look back on it and think to myself, "Oh, that again. How am I still falling into that trap?" However, … Continue reading Inviting in a Crowd of Sorrows

Slow and Steady Is the Pace

“How was therapy?” my partner asked me shortly after I sat down in the pub where we’d met for lunch. “Good,” I laughed, pretty sure I knew what was coming. “And? Any illuminating insights? Are you fixed?” he teased, leaning in for a kiss. “Nope, still broken,” I replied cheerily. “But yup, some good insights … Continue reading Slow and Steady Is the Pace

Hanging Out With The Mess

“If we begin to surrender to ourselves — begin to drop the storyline and experience what all this messy stuff behind the storyline feels like — we begin to find bodhichitta, the tenderness that’s underneath all the harshness.” ~ Pema Chodron The quotation above was one of the first I encountered when I first began … Continue reading Hanging Out With The Mess