To Enhance Your Life, Address Your Difficulties & Figure Out What You Need

Dr. Lodrö views therapy as an important tool that, when used properly, will enhance and maintain our emotional, psychological and spiritual health, regardless of whether we have serious problems or not. All of us start off ignorant of who we are, how our psychology works and even how the world works. This means that our entire life is about learning. However, if we are not focused on learning then this means that we live a more automatic life that is a product of our upbringing and experiences. Through therapy and other activities, we can wake up to a fuller reality that gives us a greater potential for success, enjoyment and happiness (aka, contentment).

As someone who sought out therapy as an adolescent and is now a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Lodrö knows exactly what therapy can offer every person, couple and family. When used in combination within meditative and insight oriented practices, it can transform a person’s life, if the person is open to doing the work. Therapy provides the safe, secure and caring relationship we need in order to open up to our deepest and most hidden places within ourselves. Meditative and insight oriented practices allow us to know our mind and emotions in real time and in an intimate and raw way. When we combine these efforts with a commitment to change, our lives have no choice but to improve.

Therapy with Dr. Lodrö addresses your problems directly, as is typical with any other therapist, but he views you and your difficulties in a very different way.First, he knows you can handle any problem or challenge that you face. If you’re supported in the right way and given enough space and time to figure things out, you’ll definitely be able to resolve your problems. Second, Dr. Lodrö fully embraces problems and sees them as really good things. By focusing on the issue and what’s wrong, he and the client can come to know every nuanced thought and feeling about the problem. Once anyone becomes aware of all aspects of their problem, the solutions naturally arise from our innate intelligence and capacity for insight. For some of us, especially those who tend to avoid their problems and unwanted thoughts and unwanted emotions, this can take time to get used to but it is necessary for our growth. Dr. Lodrö often uses the analogy that, “shit and garbage make for good fertilizer, we need to know how to use them properly.”