Finding Relief and Support for When Life and School Become Too Painful

Working with younger people, those in middle and high school, can be very challenging for a therapist, and many may not be properly equipped to help address the complexity and variety of their problems.  Fortunately, Dr. Lodrö has a great deal of experience working with adolescents and families experiencing minor, moderate and severe problems (e.g., suicide attempts, drug use, self-injury, psychosis).  He’s also worked in a variety of settings (e.g., inpatient psychiatric, intensive outpatient, outpatient, and private and therapeutic schools) which allows him to fully understand the level of treatment that a young person will most benefit from).  Dr. Lodrö understands that younger people need to be worked with in specific ways that empower them, respect and encourage their growing independence, support their ongoing development and also help them improve their relationships.

Through his numerous years working with younger people, Dr. Lodrö knows that it is also necessary to work, separately, with parents if lasting change is going to occur.  Therapy with parents ensures that the dynamics at home can be adjusted in order to properly support positive changes for everyone.  These sessions also provide a nice outlet for parents to discuss their own feelings freely and to share their unique perspective.  All of which helps Dr. Lodrö understand how everyone feels about how what is going on in the home.  Dr. Lodrö’s therapy emphasizes the role of the family (aka, family systems) in the change process and so he, unlike other therapists, works with multiple members of the same family and in different capacities (e.g., couples and parental therapy).

Additionally, Dr. Lodrö understands many aspects of how mental health issues and a young person’s educational journey intersect.  As a Clinical Psychologist at New Hope Academy, a therapeutic day school, he has a great deal of experience with 504 plans and Individualized Education Plans (IEP).  Dr. Lodrö has experience in nearly all levels of treatment with young people and as a result, he is a significant asset for any parent and adolescent.  He can be a calming voice and provide an objective point of view when a young person and family is experiencing intense chaos.  Dr. Lodrö is always happy to consult with anyone struggling to figure out what steps to take next so don’t hesitate to Contact him.