Public Perception and Nuclear Power

The documentary, Pandora’s Promise, was quite interesting to watch.  For a long time now I was under the impression that nuclear energy was horrific devastation contained in crazy power plants and little radiative barrels.  While any documentary can mess with the reality of things this one was extremely provocative and felt rather balanced.

I’ve been, as of late, quite a pessimist about our energy and pollution problems.  To the point of even feeling rather hopeless for any sort of a good future.  If there’s a lot of truth to this documentary, well, we just might be able to save ourselves.  I sure do hope that what they presented in the documentary was correct because if it is, we just might be able to dodge a self-inflicted planetary suicide and genocide.

But there’s an interesting point to consider here too…how true are our beliefs?  Also, are we courageous enough to look with an open mind and let go of our need to be right or to feed our feelings about something in order to consider additional information and evidence?  While I’m not one to really jump on a band wagon, I can feel myself being tugged in this adjusted direction.  To make sure I’m informed, I’ll just need to keep an eye on this and do a little research.

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