Those in Power Need Us Divided – And We Do It Well

It’s a simple thing, dividing people up and pitting them against one another.  Yet even though it’s so simple I see so many of us getting caught in it all day everyday…but that’s because we don’t notice it.  We’re so involved in all of the details, the storylines, the subject matter or whatever you want to call it, that we don’t realize that our division is the problem.  I think a good example of this is how Congress and the Political Arena distract us away from what’s real or really going on.  We need to stop buying into it.  It’s like faking out your dog when you’re about to throw a stick.  We’re the dog and we’re running around searching for something that we’ll never find while our owners go do something else.

Right now there are a few who hold power and millions and millions more who are collectively stronger.  As a large group of people, we can change how things are but we have to move together and those who are few in number will move because the true power lies with all of us…and they know it.  That’s why keeping us divided is better.  Fox News, MSNBC and so on help us remain divided and bickering at each other rather than focused upon them.  So is the answer that we just come together?  In part…but we also have work to do.

Coming together is one thing but how we come together is just as important.  As individuals, we are a pretty smart species but the more of us there are in a group the more we act like a herd…which means we’re not quite as thoughtful, open, considerate and deliberate.  We often react quickly in herds or crowds…and often times to the detriment of others.

So yes, let’s come together and move things (and I’ll share my little and big ideas on this) but we also have to work together and individually to learn how to come together for long-lasting improvement.  Some keys here, we need to slow down, listen to one another and deep within us we need to be on the side of humanity, of one another’s side where our ego or preferences or notoriety are no longer important.  Instead, what’s most important is that we survive as a species and live well, balanced and in greater harmony with one another and the habitat that we call our home.

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